Space Oddity

The opening collection from Weili Zheng, Space Oddity, welcomes you to embrace that which disorients. From the lyrics of the eponymous Bowie song: “the stars look very different today. Despite being far I feel very comfortable. I think my spaceship knows which way to go.” Much like the non-linear text, Zheng’s fashion tugs at the serenity of self discovery, and beckons you to join her fantastic journey.

The collection is a play on the oxymoron: light linens collide with colorful neoprene, textures reminiscent of wood and marble, others soaring on delicate frames.

Prints come to life in the seventies cut and geometric clothes. Hemp takes the form of long dresses, lace wings intersect with organza. Linen, golden knits, Saharianes revisited, and heatsealing coupled with tailored garments celebrates the harmony of contrast. Each element of the collection celebrates the body through an architectural studio of proportions: intersections, subtractions, dancing textiles, all with strong emotional charge.

The Weili Zheng woman tackles the urban world with the sweetness and strength that comes from the past; she is a modern traveler who faces all obstacles using the power of color, not taking herself too seriously but determined to smile in the face of reality.









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