The collaboration between WEILI ZHENG - the brand with a cosmopolitan essence born from the founder's heritage and developed and enriched by the team's experience, with its melting pot of geographical and creative identities - and the CLAN UPSTAIRS concept store - a place dedicated not only to the shopping experience, but also a boutique of inspiration and research in continuous evolution - continues.
The idea conceived for the new FW21-22 collection is an all-female experience, dedicated to the game of billiards. November 4th 2021, a series of women friends of the brand took part in a tournament in the spaces of via Pontaccio 15, creating new connections around the brand and the fashion designer of the same name.

The word "contamination" is the key to entering the WEILI ZHENG universe, dedicated to a refined woman who loves to wear masculine details, without renouncing elegant and refined details. Clothes and accessories are versatile, mixable, designed to play with styling, suitable to be welcomed and worn in any situation. The style is distinctive and recognisable: every single garment participates in the telling of a story, each new collection is designed to continue the narrative.

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