Milan, 2 October 2020.

The dinner for the women's ready-to-wear brand Weili Zheng took place on Tuesday evening in Clan Upstairs BASE, a versatile and transversal location, designed for networking and connections with different worlds.

A dinner experience in the retail space conceived with elements of the Chinese tradition and realized in a contemporary key through the creativity of Clan Upstairs, which has grasped the origins of the designer and interpreted the theme of maximalism and mix of cultures and contaminations of the FW20 collection, proposing a set-up with bright colors, tartan rugs with original fabrics and the eclectic combination of antique and modern furniture.

At the table twenty women representative of the Milanese fashion, including journalists and socialites, as well as the designer Weili Zheng. A moment of encounter, but also of storytelling to present the FW20 collection.

To reinforce this theme, the culinary aspect followed by the Cracco cuisine which has re-proposed typical oriental dishes with a contemporary and western interpretation.

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